Tutor Training

The WestTO Virtual Tutor Training Program is organized in partnership with the WestTO Learning Collaborative. The Tutor Training Program takes a critical, learner-centred approach to adult literacy and community learning. 

The focus of the training is to: 

Spring/Summer 2024 Tutor Training Dates:

Monday, April 15: Foundations in Tutor Training: Introduction to Community Literacy (incl. Embodies Practice Warm-up)

Tuesday, April 23: Foundations in Tutor Training: Power and Privilege

Wednesday, May 1: (May Day / International Workers’ Day), Foundations in Tutor Training: Impacts of Violence on Learning 

Thursday, May 9: Teaching, Reading and Writing, TPL Resource

Wednesday, May 15: Tutoring Strategies part 2 - Self-Care and Embodied Learning, Tutor-Learner Pair, Session Planning